Hey, I’m Melissa and I own Heart Shot Photo. I love Jesus and people…period. Coffee is a necessity. Running keeps me sane. Laundry is my enemy. My family rocks. Real is my favorite. I make a lot of weird faces.

My educational background is in nursing, and I am also a certified birth doula. As a photographer, I see myself as a professional storyteller and documenter of everyday life. I firmly believe that there is no “right” way to have a baby, and that what matters most is that you feel supported in your decisions. I do not come into your birth space with my own agenda or philosophy, and I will not judge the decisions you make. I am there to be part of, and work with, your entire birth team.

I started photographing births five years ago, and have started to see a rise in the number of people joining the birth photography industry. I’m so excited to partner with Amy as Cedar Valley Birth Photography. Not only will this allow us to better serve our clients through behind-the-scenes stuff like a shared call schedule, but as award-winning photographers, I am confident that we are also providing our clients with a high quality, personalized photography experience.


Cedar Valley professional birth photographers


Hi, I’m Amy! I’m a mother of two boys and wife to an amazingly supportive and sweet husband. I’m a nature lover, a food lover, and I’m never without a camera. Aside from photographing births, I own a photography studio in Cedar Falls (Sweet Little You Photography) where I specialize in posed newborns and baby milestones.


I photographed my first birth in 2012, and every single birth I’ve attended is a unique experience. The amazing thing about birth photography is that it’s beautiful no matter what your birth plan. My mom was always passionate and knowledgable about birth, and she transferred that passion to me. I was born at home, and the first photo of me was taken minutes after my birth with an SLR film camera. I cherish those first photographs, and I love knowing that I’m providing that gift to all the babies I photograph on their birthdays.