Why Birth Photography?

Thank you for your interest in Cedar Valley Birth Photography. Birth is an event where love is abundant and emotion is raw, and it is our privilege to capture that through a lens. As birth photographers we aim to not be intrusive, but to tell your story, and leave you with images that will speak to your heart. We know that some people hear “birth photography” and think of a Discovery Health style tv show, but that’s not what we do. We are there to document the details, interactions, relationships, and moments. We are not there to make you feel uncomfortable. Our years of experience have given us a familiarity with the intricacies of labor and birth, and allow us to better anticipate moments as photographers. The birth of your baby is a day to be celebrated. The way your baby enters this world or the journey you took to get here do not matter. Contact us today to book your birth session or if you have additional questions.

Why hire a birth photographer?

The day your baby is born is one of the most transformative days of your life, and hiring a professional birth photographer ensures that you will forever be able to treasure those moments. The incredible effort it took to labor and birth your baby, the instant connection when mom and baby lock gazes for the first time, your baby’s first breath and cries, the look of wonder on your partner’s face as they hold your baby for the first time- all of these moments can be preserved by hiring a birth photographer. Couples getting married place their trust in a professional wedding photographer, and birth should be no different- it’s a day that you will remember always. The birth of your baby is an event filled with many intricacies. Women often need to focus inward during their labor, and then frequently emerge from labor with hazy memories. Investing in birth photography preserves memories by giving women and families a visual timeline of the events of that day. Check out this blog post to see what kind of birth images you can expect from us!

Why can’t my husband/partner/friend take pictures?

Well, for several reasons. Lighting in the birthing environment can be tricky at best, and we have the knowledge, skill, and equipment to handle those lighting situations that will ensure you get the best possible photographs. Your support people are there to do just that, support you, and with a birth photographer present, they will be free to focus 100% of their attention on meeting the needs of the laboring woman, and not have to worry about taking pictures. Birth photography aims to tell a story, and if your support people are busy taking pictures, they don’t get to be part of the story.

Why is birth photography so expensive?

You know that saying “you get what you pay for”? Well, that certainly applies to birth photography. This type of photography requires a certain skill set and specific equipment, and those things come at a price. You are paying us to be on call for you 24/7- to maybe miss Christmas morning with our kids, birthdays, vacations, etc. Documenting births is a privilege and a humbling experience, but babies do not follow a schedule, and some of them take 24 or more hours to be born. There is the time spent with you before your birth, and the time spent afterwards editing your beautiful images. It all adds up to a lot of hours. Birth photography is definitely an investment, and most people that have made the investment would agree that it was 100% worth it. We do offer payment plans and accept several methods of payment.

Am I going to feel like I’m on display?

We sure hope not. Our goal is to be as unobtrusive and fly-on- the-wall like as possible during your birth. Many of our clients have said that they weren’t even aware that we were taking pictures. If at any time you would like us to step out, we will do so. There is such a huge psychological component to labor, and we take the utmost care in making sure that we are not disruptive. We can be as talkative or as quiet as you prefer. We are not there to act like the paparazzi, and will be discrete and respectful of your birthing space.

Will you post my pictures to the Internet or social media?

Never without your permission.

How graphic are the pictures you take? Are you taking pictures of my lady parts?

Typically no. One of the many benefits of hiring a professional birth photographer is that we know how to use lighting and angles to tell a complete story, while being able to maintain privacy and respect of your body and birth space. During our pre-birth consultation we will discuss what your preferences are, and we will do our best to honor specific requests.

Will you be there even if my labor is really long?

Yes. There is no time limit for us to be at your birth. We are human, so if your labor is long, we may step out to eat something or catch a quick nap.

What if I have a Cesarean birth?

If you are having a planned Cesarean birth, talk to your provider to see if they would allow a photographer in the OR. In the event of an unplanned cesarean birth, it will depend on the facility and your provider, as to whether we are allowed in the OR with you. We have photographed multiple Cesarean births, both planned and unplanned. If we’re not allowed in the OR, we will still be there to document what happens before, we will be there to take pictures of you and your newborn, and we may be permitted to stand in the OR hall and shoot through a window.

How do we book Cedar Valley Birth Photography?

Contact us here!